DevOps as a Service

Stop wasting your time on reading manuals. Deploy your websites, Node.js, Go and Ruby projects with Continuous Delivery, Auto Scaling, Git and SSL certificates within minutes.

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How to start

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		        		$ curl -s https://letscoded.com/mac | bash
						$ coded

How Coded is different from other PaaS and IaaS

Creating Coded we decided to keep all the great infrastructure features we love and leave complexity, platform lock and high price tag behind

Coded Heroku AWS EB
Can be installed on any server Platform lock-in Platform lock-in
Deploy on any server Deploy on Amazon Web Services Deploy on Amazon Web Services
Can be used on cloud and dedicated servers Hosted on Amazon Web Services Hosted on proprietary servers
Predictable costs and simple pricing Platform costs on top of AWS price Complicated pricing
Any server worldwide USA and Europe Amazon servers Worldwide
Your server is yours - full ssh access SSH inside Dyno SSH inside instance
Each git branch is isolated and has own URL CI with configuration files Git deploy with 3rd parties
Free automatic SSL for custom domains Manual SSL setup Manual SSL setup
Deploy Node.js in 5 min Deploy Node.js in 5 min Deploy Node.js in 60 min
More for less - free for up 2 projects, than €5 / server + server costs (€2.49 on Hetzner) Heroku Standard 2x - $50 / month AWS EB - $26 / month ($54 / month after 1 year)


Hosted on any server with Ubuntu without vendor lock-in

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