DevOps as a Service

Deploy your websites and Node.js projects on VPS, dedicated and cloud servers within minutes. Continuous Delivery, custom domains, Git and SSL certificates are included.

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How to start

( contact us if you encounter a problem )
  • SSH into your server with a clean Ubuntu 18.04 installation (where you want to deploy projects) and install Coded Node
                      $ wget -O - https://api.coded.sh/coded-node.sh | bash
                  $ coded
  • Install Coded CLI on your local machine where you develop your projects (you need installed Node.js®)
                      $ npm install -g coded
                  $ coded


Use Coded on any server with Ubuntu without vendor lock-in

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  • 1 Server
  • 1 Domain
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How is Coded different from other platforms?
The main difference is that you can install Coded on any server with Ubuntu 18.04. It means that no vendor lock-in anymore. Also, we created the installation process as easy as possible - just a few commands and you're ready to deploy projects. No configuration files, no long manuals. More info about differences at coded.sh/docs
Where can I deploy projects with Coded?
You can deploy projects on VPS, cloud or dedicated servers. More info at coded.sh/docs/#/gettingstarted
Is Coded open source?
Yes, under SSPL license.
Does Coded provide SSL certificates?
Sure, Coded generates SSL certificates for all projects using Let’s Encrypt automatically.
How can I request new features?
Please, send an e-mail with a feature request at hey[]coded.sh